Year End Banquet 2021

The Banquet was again a big success.  We started out with members arriving and being excited to see each other and checking out the room.  Once inside they were able to shop some of the Club merchandise and a few other items for sale.  Raffle tickets were being sold for the two pedal tractors, the lighted picture and the 2255 toy.  The Spirit of Oliver pedal tractor was donated by Jim and Laquetta Kline.  The Cockshutt 1550 pedal tractor was donated by Doug and Kathy Mitchell.  The lighted picture was donated by John and Bob Martin.  Thank you for your donations.  Across the front of the room were tables full of silent auction items that got constant attention and the bidding was on. Thank you to all the board members for these donations.

On the big screens a slide show presented a collection of pictures from all of our 22 years as a club.

Lyn Parker delivered a prayer and dinner was served.  We had a great meal and wonderful service.

Larry called the meeting to order and proceeded through our club business.  As the whole world has been changing over the last couple of years he was interested in what our members wanted from the club and its board members.  To find this out he handed out a survey which everyone filled out and returned.  As the meeting went on he was able to quickly look at some of the answers and quickly seen everyone wants more information.  Stories from our senior generation and information about the days when Oliver was a thriving company. We had at least four of these guys in attendance, all agreeing to talk at a future event.  So Larry has set out to plan and make this happen.

We also talked about having some different / additional events, offering a bigger variety for all.

Larry would take a break so more silent auction bidding could happen.

The Kopp family presented some Oliver license plate designs which was decided to add to the Club’s merchandise choices.

The upcoming shows were talked about with the excitement starting to build for the 2022 summer show at the Corn Festival in Wilmington.  Paul Clark of their club told us about the show and what to expect.

David Miller talked about the spring picnic being at his farm then introduced his fiance` Cheryl Johnston.  Congratulation!

The raffle drawing was exciting with the first prize going to Richard Kopp who jumped out of his chair, arms in the air, dancing around!  Second place when to  Charles Morgan of Montana who bought his ticket at the Richwood show.  He was in Ohio visiting his nephew David Draper from Marysville.  I delivered the picture to David and he said they planned to attend our summer show again in 2022.  Morgan Emerson won the 2255 toy and was excited to receive it.

The bidding finished and the high bidders of the silent auction items were announced.

Then it was time for the awards.  These are very dear to Larry and this year was especially difficult do to his personal connections.  The “Member of the Year” award went to Bill and Jan Yaple.  They have shown their dedication to the club and the each other through good times and tough times.

The “Life Time Achievement” award went the Dennis Baker, one of our founding members and a dedicated life time of Oliver knowledge.  I am sure he bleeds green. These awards were an honor to present to these great individuals.