Spring Picnic at Dave Miller’s – April 23, 2022

The spring picnic was a great day at Dave Miller’s farm in Clyde, OH. The weather was cool to start with a perfect ending.

Dave and Cheryl hosted 95 members and guests. The barnyard was

full of tractors on display bringing the guys to gather around and talk about what they were looking at. To the side and back barnyard the Club tent was up and trucks were parked around full of items they were buying, selling and trading.

There was even an antique wrench display.

Larry Mayer started our day off by discussing the Summer Show at the Corn Festival in September beginning with the tractor drive on the 4th and the show the 9th – 11th. See the flyers.

Lynn Parker gave our prayer and everyone ate. The shop was overflowing with guests, so the doors were opened and tables flowed into the barnyard.

Everyone again out-did themselves with all the great homemade dishes. Everyone should have went home feeling stuffed.

Larry started the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and ask who were first timers; who introduced themselves. He then ask who traveled the farthest. The travel was incredible with 4 states being represented. The Bloom Family; Larry, Brenda & Sarah are from Cherry Hill, PA at 360 miles. Kenny Toohill traveled from near Rantoul, IL at 275 miles. And our Michigan members always make the trip. Thanks to everyone for coming from near and far.

Thanks to Wayne and Mary Groweg for letting us use their tables and chairs.

Thanks to Bob Martin for his cash donation towards our next memorial plaque which he made at the fall banquet.

Farm Science review is September 20-22 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, OH. We hope to see you there.