Plow Day – October 14, 2023

This was our first Plow Day in nearly 10 years, and we were all excited.  Well, as you can see the day before was perfect weather with Fall in the air.  Everything was ready except Mother Nature.  Saturday came in with a lot of rain.  The guys wanting to plow arrived and we waited.  We ate breakfast and we waited.  Some tried and spun in the mud.  We waited some more and ate lunch.  This whole time was a great social gathering in the tent.  Stories and laughter filled the tent.  We were disappointed in the weather, but there was no disappointment in the gathering and great food.  In addition, we gained 5 new members; welcome to all.

Matt and Terry Davis were hoping for a perfect event with the perfect place and everything ready.  If all goes as planned, they will be hosting Plow Day again this year; bigger and better.  Watch for more information in future newsletters.