Farm Science Review – September 2021

What a Farm Science Review! Set up on Sunday before was excellent weather – sunshine and warm. Everything went as planned with the lot being mowed, the tent went up, tractors parked and all the details in place. Then came the “weather”. The first day of the show it was misting rain, breezy and just not very nice out. Well, Wednesday turned into a zero with the show being cancelled – for the first time in the shows history. It rained, and then it rained and then it rained somo more. By Thursday the show was open, parking was limited with parking lots closed and a good deal of water standing in spots. Needless to say we had mud, a lot of mud. The wind was strong giving the tent a run for its money pulling the stakes right out of the ground. Before noon we put most everything away and took the tent down; then just sat there in the wind.

The most exciting event was Dave Miller dropping to his knee and proposing the Cheryl Johnston! We were all in shock and began teasing them that maybe there will be a wedding at the Spring Picnic – you never know! Congratulations!!

Even with all of this we ended up with 9 new members, even one from New York! Sales of the raffle tickets and merchandise was very light. I guess this was to be expected for there was not much of a crowd.
A big Thank You to Lynn Smith for he organized a great display – as always – with 23 tractors and implements plus the lawnmowers.

It was time to load up, now into the wet parking lots and through the mud. It was not long before guys were stuck everywhere. So off was Lynn Smith on his 1900 FWA moving all around and onto high dry ground. He made quick work of it and all that wanted to load and leave were on their way quickly.

Thanks to everyone that was there, showed their tractors and implements and played in the “weather”.