Fall Banquet November 7, 2020

The November 7, 2020 fall banquet ended up being our only event of the year and it turned out to be a nice one. We had rented two rooms in anticipation that we would over fill one. It turned out that the double room allowed us to spread out and everyone was comfortable. The Der Dutchman had upgraded their video equipment with 4 big screens for the slide show that ran all day.

As everyone came in they could visit and stay socially distanced, as we had not seen each other since last year. The club merchandise was set up for anyone who was interested. This year we had a silent auction of a dozen items donated by the board members. Everyone had a great time looking and bidding throughout the day. It is always fun to watch everyone bidding whey they really want something.
We ate a good meal and Larry began the meeting. He expressed his disappointment of everything being cancelled this year, then thanked all for coming out for the day. We had 60 in attendance. Larry announced that without activities this year the board decided to postpone the raffle until next year.

He announced that all dues paid for 2020 would be applied to 2021.

Larry talked about how we need to change our events to more outdoors to keep everyone safer and healthier. It was exciting to hear we have summer shows scheduled for the next 5 years.
It was time for the Lifetime Achievement Award. For the board this was an easy decission. When you have a family – 3 families – that have had Oliver’s since their youth; have grown together, collected together and traveled together you know them as 3. Where one is you will probably find the other two. Congratulations Don, Bob and Larry Kopp.

The banquet closed with the silent auction. One more time for bidding then Larry, Jan and Lynn called out the winners. What a fun time.
Here’s looking for a normal and better 2021!

Tonia Elliott