Farm Science Review

Sept 17, 18 and 19 found Buckeye Oliver Collectors at the BIG SHOW.  If you have ever been to the Farm Science Review you know what I mean.  Outside of London OH a small town is erected devoted to everything agriculture and it is pretty impressive.  If you have been there then you know that at the east end of the show is a large area where the antique tractor clubs have lots of nice machines on display.  And that’s where Buckeye Oliver Collectors had the nicest display of them all. Centered around our big tent, which has turned out to be a good investment, we had 21 tractors, a nice mixture with three high crops, couple of front wheel assists, a Hart Parr, a 66 roller, an HG with cultivators, three tractors with plows attached and one with a mower, five Oliver garden tractors, and 3 pedal tractors.  Inside the tent we had a nice display case with toys, our raffle items, lots of Oliver merchandise which proved to be pretty popular, and a good many chairs which due to the hot sunny weather always had friends sitting in them relaxing with an ice cold bottle of water.  We had a successful three days at FSR.  We started with a grassy field and the set up and tear down doesn’t just happen.  Many thanks and blessings go to all who helped and to those who brought equipment.  The tractors and equipment were displayed by Jim Kline, Dennis Baker, Mark Smith, Lynn Smith, Don Kopp, Bob Kopp, Larry Kopp, Larry Mayer, Bob Kline, Mike Salyers, Steve Guider, Jan Huck, John Parker, Dave Malas, Dave Miller, Melvin Wengerd, Atlee Hershberger, Tom Weaver, Wayne Groweg, Larry Boellner, Bill Reno, and Roger Diehl.  We thank God for the safe travel of all our members who showed up.  As our year winds down we look forward to the Fall Banquet Nov 9th where we can gather under the sign of OLIVER.

John Gustina

Floyd Hohman’s Auction 9.7.2019

September 7th was Floyd Hohman’s auction.  The Buckeye Oliver Collectors set up a tent with our raffle, some hats and membership information.  Floyd had a nice collection of tractors, implements and miscellaneous parts and items to be sold.  The crowd was excited and the bidding began.  Throughout the day we sold a good deal of raffle tickets, some hats and two memberships.

Once the auction was over Floyd was happy that people were going to enjoy pieces as they put them into their collection.  Floyd appreciated us being there and supporting his auction.  We had a great time – Thanks to Floyd and his family for letting us participate.

Tonia Elliott

2019 Summer Show at Oak Ridge Festival

Hot! Hot! Hot! What an understatement for the weekend!

The Oak Ridge Festival and the grounds were perfect for our summer show. Even with the extreme heat and the reported attendance being down by half or more our members and Oliver lovers showed their enthusiasm. We had 56 tractors and a few implements on display. We had visitors that traveled 4 ½ and 6 ½ hours to see our show. Doug Mitchell and his family traveled from Fulton, MI, bringing his pair of 1550 hi-crops – an Oliver and a Cockshutt built 9 numbers apart. This beautifully restored pair was part of our outstanding display. We had a great variety of tractors to look at from an Oliver 60 to a 2255, a roller and a crawler. The sawmill was being powered with an 88, and they were making hay with their Oliver’s. The festival itself had about 130 vendors positioned throughout the woods with their crafts and in their time period attire. You could make a day of it shopping, looking and visiting.

Saturday evening we had a dinner for the members just around the corner at the Attica Fairgrounds. The building was very nice and air-conditioned. Lyn Parker arranged the entire dinner and feed us a great meal. Thanks Lyn! Tom Weaver has an Oliver Hart-Parr radiator shell made into a clock which he had on display. Thanks Tom. We had a silent auction going on during dinner. After dinner Larry closed the auction and started announcing the winners of the items. This became quiet comical as he put his special touches on each item presented from “The drinker of the club” who won the bucket of wine the “this is an empty box” for a NIB toy! This all lead up to the last item – a mystery box. Jan Huck had the winning bid and had to open it in front of everyone. In it was a pair of dinner tickets to the fall banquet, 12 raffle tickets, 2 decals, a bottle of monkey butt powder, a 3XL pair of ladies panties with the club logo on the back, a matching pair of men’s whitie tighties, and the best part – an autographed 8 x 10 picture of Larry – HA! I am sure we will see some of this stuff surface again.

The show may have been slow due to the weather but the tent was full as always. We seen many of our members – health issues or not – come and stay for the afternoon visiting and enjoying themselves. We ended the show with 12 new members signed up. This puts us at a new record of 170 members.
Thanks to everyone who brought their Oliver’s to display, participated and helped make another successful show.


2019 Spring Picnic – April 2019

The Buckeye Oliver Collectors spring picnic 2019 was hosted by Larry and Suzy Reilly of Norwalk and will be remembered for the weather.  What a beautiful day we had, temps in the seventies with much sunshine; and what a nice well-kept farm our hosts live and work on.  The hard work of the Reilly’s with son Scott and his wife Stacey really show with the appearance of the farm.  But this day also had its share of members under the weather and with a great shop and a place to sit; that is pretty much where Suzy remained.  Those under the weather was are hostess Suzy as she was still recovering from recent knee surgery and daughter-in-law Stacey was hobbled in a walking boot with screws and pins in her foot. Vice President Jan Huck had pulled his back, never a good thing the day before and was moving about slowly but still on his feet. Secretary Bill Yaple arrived sitting in the passenger seat of his truck with wife Jan at the wheel due to having thumb surgery on Friday before the picnic. Fortunately it was his left hand leaving him still able to take the minutes. And to top it all off Tonia Elliott found herself in the hospital on the 2nd with an appendicitis and was just released on Friday before the picnic. Once she found a comfortable place to sit that’s pretty much where she remained. Three cheers for all because all five were there. This spring picnic was a good success and all the Buckeye Oliver Collectors want to thank the Reilly family for all the preparation and hard work.

Our day started with the parts swap starting at ten and it seemed like more than ten trucks and trailers were there because there was a lot to look at under the sun.  I was happy finding and buying a 550 carb. The Reilly Family has a very nice building full of Olivers including the three beauties and the 50 series from 1550 to a 1950T.  John Parker trucked down his recently completed 1800 with a Cummins engine, it looks like it belongs there; it looked and sounded fine.  Our picnics set a high bar when it comes to food-land that bar was nudged a little higher on this day.  We had a fantastic meal with desserts to please anyone.  If you left hungry – well that’s your fault.  As always dinner is followed by a brief meeting and with Larry keeping us all informed of the clubs summer plans.  Our summer show will be in Attica in July and plans are for the club to all come together and share a meal on Saturday evening.  This is being organized by Lyn Parker.  Plans are for the club to again be at the Farm Science review and a presentation was made for our club to be at a future show.  The conclusion of the meeting brought an end to the day and most heading for the sunshine and warmth of the day.  If you are reading this and have not been to a spring picnic, try to do so as it’s a nice time with Oliver people and honestly I can’t remember a bad picnic.  Enjoy spring and God bless us all.

John Gustina

2019 Winter Get Together

We attended the Winter show March 22 & 23 in West Lafayette, IN. Our club looked great with our raffle prizes out and the grand prize, a neon sign, light up on its stand where everyone could see it when they came in the room. We sold 198 tickets and signed up 2 new members. At the Presidents meeting Larry was congratulated on our club membership growth and ask what we are doing to have such success. The HPOCA and the other chapters are struggling and numbers are declining.

2018 Annual Fall Banquet

The Buckeye Oliver Collectors 19th annual banquet was held November 10 at the Der Dutchman in Plain City. The day was filled with excitement as the room was filled with our largest crowd ever, 104 members! Raffle tickets were being sold, door prizes were out and the excitement of seeing old friends flourished. The day was kicked off with Lyn Parker delivering an excellent prayer. Our dinner was again a fine meal and I’m sure everyone ate too much. President Larry started the meeting with his now traditional board member roll call being answered by each coming to the podium and telling us about their year. This has turned from a fear of getting up there to “let to tell you a story”; I think each enjoyed their time talking and I know everyone enjoyed hearing from them. Larry’s messages were all positive for the year with a great picnic, summer show in Greenville and Farm Science Review. He also told us we have a new record membership at 165. Door prizes were given out throughout the meeting. The Life Time Achievement Award was given to Jim McKenzie who was surprised and honored. The Members of the Year went to Don and Joann Kopp for all their exceptional efforts this year; congratulations all! Lastly we draw the raffle winners. The 1st place Purple Pedal tractor was won by Emma Fetter, the 2nd place Mighty Tow tractor was won by Jon Bible and the 3rd place Oliver flag was won by Paul Coonfare. We can’t wait to see what exciting things will be happening in 2019 for our 20th Anniversary year.

The Farm Science Review 2018

The Farm Science Review was held September 18 – 20 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, OH. The Buckeye Oliver Collectors were last there in 2013 and we were excited to return. Our new lot was excellent with plenty of room to have a great tractor display and our new tent. One of the first things people would say is that they could see our green and white tent from the parking lot and knew it was the BOC area.

Tractors on display were from Jim Kline, Dennis Baker, Mark Smith, Lynn Smith, Bill Yaple, John Parker, Jerry McBride, Ken Lutz, Tom Scothorn, Mike Salyers, John Martin and Wayne Groweg. From the Hart-Parr 70 Orchard to the Oliver 25 Airport tractor to front wheel assists we had a great showing of Olivers tractors; and three Oliver boat motors on display from Larry Elliott. What a great display to look at.

Even though there are things that can be improved on for this show it seemed like the tent area was always full of Oliver enthusiasts and a lot of great tractor conversations and stories being told. While the guys were talking the ladies were busy selling raffle tickets, club merchandise and taking memberships. It is unbelievable the new memberships for this year. This makes for a very exciting time for the club.

Tonia Elliott

Allen & Karen Helle

Allen and Karen live in Gibsonburg, OH on what was originally Allen’s parent’s 110 acre dairy farm. They have been married 55 years and have a son Scott & Leanne and a daughter Bonnie & Jim and three granddaughters. Everyone lives on the farm which now has three homes. Scott also owns the farm next door. Scott helps with the farming and Jim does the restoration work.

Allen was born and raised on Oliver tractors and still farms with them. Karen is a big part of the farming. Her favorite job is running the combine.

A 1956 Oliver Super 77 was the first tractor in their collection, bought the year they were married. Their family collection now includes a Super 55 diesel, two 550’s, Super 77, Super 88, Super 44, two 440’s, a 1600, 1850 diesel, 1850, 1855 and an OC46. Karen would like to add the three beauties to the collection and Allen would like a mist green 880. Most of these tractors have been purchased from Stroman Implement and
Boellner Implement.

The favorite memory and story involving their collection is Karen’s 550. As the story goes this tractor was purchased as a parts tractor – brown and the wheels locked up. As Allen and Jim got it broke free and soon it was running Karen became excited that it was going to be more than just more parts on the shelf. Karen thought it looked nice enough it should be sold. As Jim finished the restoration the holidays were coming so Allen had a decal made the said “Karen’s” and placed it just above the 550 decal then gave it to her for Christmas. Now she could not sell it; “it would be rude to sell a Christmas present”. This story was published in the Hart-Parr Oliver magazine March/April 2011.

Allen says one of his favorite things about being a Buckeye Oliver Collector is meeting other Oliver collectors.

2018 Marion Show Power Of The Paint

The Buckeye Oliver Collectors participated in the Buckeye Classic Power of the Paint tractor show in Marion, August 10 & 11. Our new tent looked great and all agreed that it was an excellent idea. There were 20 tractors on display. Back in March at the winter show we met a gentlemen named Larry Young from North Carolina. He has called and talked to Larry and myself several time since. With nothing to do this weekend he loaded up his 77 Orchard and miniature 77 Orchard and joined us. How cool is that!

Tonia Elliott

2018 Greenville Show

MAID RITE, no I’m not talking about how Oliver Farm equipment was put together. But rather I’m referring to a small extremely busy sandwich shop in downtown Greenville. If anyone who attended the show knows what I’m talking about, then we know about the dozen cars lined up at the drive thru, the never ending line of folks going out the door and the unique sandwiches that had some people at the Oliver tent going twice a day. A fun memory from a fun show.

We had a great turnout in people and equipment with over one hundred Oliver pieces there. With a fairground as big as the one in Greenville there was room for all colors and all colors of tractors were there. As neither my wife or I had ever been to Greenville we didn’t bring the golf cart. Regrets! Actually our show started on Friday morning with a tour of the Kitchen Aid factory on the north side of Greenville. I’m sure many many bakers have a Kitchen Aid mixer and this is where they are made. I do enjoy touring factories that make good products in America. Made in USA, we never get tired of that. After our tour it was a short drive downtown to the Kitchen Aid factory outlet and it was there we were told about the Maid Rite shop. So lunch was on.

The rest of Friday was spent hanging out at a very busy Oliver tent and watching tractor and truck pulls in the evening. Saturday was a good day highlighted by an awesome lunch provided by the club and open to all Buckeye Oliver Collector members. We had 44 members in attendance followed by a short meeting by Larry. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the show and the crowd at the Oliver tent where along with strong merchandise sales we welcomed a dozen new members to our club. Buckeye Oliver Collectors is a growing club and if you are a member we look forward to seeing you at a club show or function. You will not be disappointed.

John Gustina